4 steps: from our greenhouses to your local shop


We grow basil in our greenhouses


We prepare our pesto as a tradition


We only use high quality ingredients


A fresh and non-preservative product


Discover the ``Mortar``, tradition and innovation in one package.

A unique packaging that recalls the use of the mortar according to the Genoese culinary tradition.


Why choose our pesto?

1. Because we grow the basil in our own greenhouses...

Basilico di Pra’ is considered the best basil for the production of the Genoese pesto all over the world. Thanks to the microclimate of the Ligurian Riviera, it grows with its unique aroma. After its harvesting, the basil is transferred to the production site where it is processed and turned into pesto!


2. Because we’ve been making it for almost 200 years.

For almost 2 centuries, our family has been dedicated to the cultivation of basil and, most recently, to the production of pesto.

It is here, on these hills between the sea and the sky, that Pesto di Pra’, a product of the highest quality, grows.

3. Because only Pesto di Pra’ is the real Pesto of Pra’

The uniqueness of our product comes from the use of our basil, the accurate selection of the ingredients and from our competence in selecting and treating them properly. Our Pesto is a fresh product without preservatives, which is produced following the traditional Genoese recipe.

The 7 extraordinary ingredients for a tasty pesto!

Italian pine nuts

Italian garlic

Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano (PDO)


Genoese basil (PDO)

Extra virgin olive oil

Pecorino romano (PDO)

Coarse sea salt

Today: News - Events - Curiosities

New website live

Il Pesto di Pra’ is also renowned in the web with a new, quick and intuitive site, where every information is click-through.

Our products are visible and selectable through special category filters.

Our pesto without lysozyme

With a view to further improving our recipe, we decided to use a Grana Padano without egg lysozyme, thus eliminating an important allergen and making our product accessible to even more people

Our new logo

We recently renewed our brand, adopting a new logo we are very proud of as it contains a stylization of the basil sprout that can be read as two reverse P, the two beginnings of Pra ‘Pesto.

Marca 2018

Also this year we will be exhibitors at Fiera Marca in Bologna, the Italian event of the Private Label.
An excellent opportunity to get to know and make ourselves known, trying to enhance our product among the lines of the most famous Italian distribution brands.

Come and visit us in Hall 26 – stand C 91

Genoese Pesto is the Ligurian product that best represents our region around the world.

A sauce rich in history and tradition, whose recipe comes from our ancestors who followed the ancient ritual of using the ingredients wisely in order to create the perfect balance of aromas that make Pesto di Pra’ unique.

Today, our duty is to recreate that ancient taste by making an authentic pesto using simple ingredients as those used for homemade pesto. Our pesto gets its unique aroma thanks to the basil cultivated in Pra’.


we are reliable and certified