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Walnut Sauce

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Walnut Sauce
Typical taste of Liguria

Along with pesto, walnut sauce is another typical Ligurian seasoning.

It has a creamy consistency, with an ivory colour, sweet taste and a recognizable flavour of walnuts: it goes particularly well with ravioli and pansoti
with spinach-and-ricotta filling. It has very ancient origins and its use was already widespread in ancient Persia. During the time of the Genoese Republic
it was discovered by local traders which brought this recipe at home.

Originally, walnut sauce was called white “agliata” (“garlic sauce”), walnut “agliata” or
walnut-and-garlic “savore”.


It is a FRESH PRODUCT (0-4°)

and it is avalaible in different sizes, from the little plastic and glass jar for the retail to the biggest sizes for Ho.Re.Ca.




Olive Oil, Walnuts (21%), Grana Padano PDO cheese (cow milk, salt, rennet), Cream, Butter, Italian Pine Nuts, Salt, Italian Garlic,
Nutmeg, Preservative: sorbic acid




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