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Original Genoa Pesto Online Shop | Classic Basil Pesto | Pesto Sauce Brands | Canned Pesto

Il Pesto di Pra’ Original Genoa Pesto Online Shop | Classic Basil Pesto | Pesto Sauce Brands | Canned Pesto Products


Our products

We work with our hands, we think with our hearts.

Our Products

Our range of products includes the traditonal Pesto Genovese, made according to the typical Genoese recipe, the Garlic Free Pesto, made for satisfying customers who have garlic allergies, the Walnut Sauce (salsa di noci), the other classic Ligurian dressing for pasta, and the Red Pesto with Basil, created from the union between Ligurian and Sicilian culture.

Last, we have created the Pesto Bio Garlic free in order to satisfy the desire of the customer most attached to the organic market. 

As for the export market, we have another recipe called il Gran Pesto which has a little differences in the ingredients (olive oil instead of extra-virgin oil and no Parmigiano Reggiano but only Grana Padano DOP & Pecorino Romano DOP), giving back a taste that is slightly more sweet and delicate than the traditional recipe but maintaining the high quality of the product.  


All of our products are fresh (they have to be kept refrigerated at 0-4°) and they are mainly traded in the Retail channel but we also have a frozen line for the farther markets or for the foodservice channel.

The preparation of each product always includes high standards of quality with the purpose of giving our clients a tasty, fresh and guaranteed product.


Are you interested in selling our products?  Write an e-mail to commerciale@ilpestodipra.com




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